“The Butter Shave” – Disability Discrimination

In a job interview with PlayNow, company boss Mr. Thomassoulo mistakenly believes that George’s limp from the injury he sustained in “The Summer of a George” is actually a permanent disability. Must PlayNow provide George with proper accommodations because he is “differently advantaged?” If George were to be denied the position, could he sue PlayNow … Continue reading “The Butter Shave” – Disability Discrimination

“The Diplomat’s Club” – Removed From a Plane

After Jerry’s agent has a dispute with an airplane pilot after a comedy show, Jerry is removed from the flight. Can an airline remove a passenger for simply being annoying to the pilot? When a person purchases a plane ticket, the passenger and airline enter into an agreement called the “contract of carriage.” In the … Continue reading “The Diplomat’s Club” – Removed From a Plane

“The Puffy Shirt” – Oral Contracts

After being unable to hear Kramer’s low talking girlfriend Leslie, Jerry inadvertently agrees to wear a “puffy shirt” on The Today Show that was designed by her. Does Jerry’s verbal and physical affirmations create a binding oral contract to wear the shirt? New York courts will enforce an oral contract as long as the basic … Continue reading “The Puffy Shirt” – Oral Contracts