“The Butter Shave” – Disability Discrimination

In a job interview with PlayNow, company boss Mr. Thomassoulo mistakenly believes that George’s limp from the injury he sustained in “The Summer of a George” is actually a permanent disability. Must PlayNow provide George with proper accommodations because he is “differently advantaged?” If George were to be denied the position, could he sue PlayNow … Continue reading “The Butter Shave” – Disability Discrimination

“The Diplomat’s Club” – Removed From a Plane

After Jerry’s agent has a dispute with an airplane pilot after a comedy show, Jerry is removed from the flight. Can an airline remove a passenger for simply being annoying to the pilot? When a person purchases a plane ticket, the passenger and airline enter into an agreement called the “contract of carriage.” In the … Continue reading “The Diplomat’s Club” – Removed From a Plane

“The Pick” – Mailing Pornography

After sending out Christmas cards to her friends, family, and colleagues, Elaine discovers that her nipple is exposed in the picture on the front of the card. Has Elaine violated Federal Criminal Law or New York Criminal Law by sending pornography through the mail? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OmF_HluN9g Both New York and Federal Law prohibits the mailing of obscene … Continue reading “The Pick” – Mailing Pornography