“The Shower Head” – Strict Product Liability

After Jerry's apartment building installs new "low-flow showerheads," Kramer and Newman purchase the Commando 450 showerhead for maximum "power." In the final scene of the episode, Kramer appears to be injured when he uses the Commando 450 for the first time. Does Kramer have a claim against the manufacturer for the injuries? https://youtu.be/lyZ41rgC07o If Kramer … Continue reading “The Shower Head” – Strict Product Liability

“The Letter” – Sports Tickets/Licenses

After Elaine refuses to take off her Baltimore Orioles baseball cap while sitting in George Steinbrenner's box, Nina's dad Leonard West has security evict Elaine from Yankee stadium. Can Elaine really be kicked out of the ballpark for refusing to take off her baseball cap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE8ljMY5qn4 While they may not seem like it, tickets to … Continue reading “The Letter” – Sports Tickets/Licenses