“The Soul Mate” – Recording Conversations

When Wyck clears his throat before referring to Susan's death as her "unfortunate accident," George takes that to mean that Wyck was implying that he killed Susan. In order to discover if the board is talking about him behind his back, George takes a page from Jerry Lewis' playbook and "accidentally" leaves a briefcase with … Continue reading “The Soul Mate” – Recording Conversations

“The Sniffing Accountant” – The Mailbox Rule

After Jerry and Kramer notice that Barry Prophet, their accountant, was sniffing uncontrollably, they begin to suspect that he is a drug addict. Believing that he is "hip to the whole scene," they decide to end their relationship with him and entrust postal employee Newman to deliver the termination letter to the USPS sidewalk postal … Continue reading “The Sniffing Accountant” – The Mailbox Rule

“The Kiss Hello” – Duty to Mitigate

After George fails to cancel his appointment with Wendy the Physical Therapist with 24 hours notice, Wendy still charges him even though George was unable to make it to the appointment. Is Wendy's policy legal? Can George actually be charged for a cancelled appointment just because he didn't cancel with enough notice? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECmtCdUtEMI Normally, when … Continue reading “The Kiss Hello” – Duty to Mitigate