“The Checks” – What is a Religion?

After George tells Kramer that the carpet cleaners he hired will clean his entire apartment for only $25, Kramer tells him that the cleaning company, The Sunshine Carpet Cleaners, are a crazy religious cult that use their cleaning services as a front to get into people's apartment and brainwash them. Legally speaking, is The Sunshine … Continue reading “The Checks” – What is a Religion?

“The Bris” – Circumcision

At the Bris of a newborn boy, Kramer tries to dissuade Stan and Myra from ritually circumcising their little guy according to the Jewish tradition. If Kramer really wanted to it, could he petition a court to stop the mohel from performing the circumcision? Could ritual circumcision be made illegal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDABzGe94GU Non-therapeutic circumcision of male … Continue reading “The Bris” – Circumcision