“The Secretary” – Appearance Discrimination

In order to help him take down messages from his mother, George decides to hire a secretary. But fearing that he’ll never get any work done if he goes "the tomato route," George decides to do a "complete 360" and rejects secretarial candidates for being too attractive. He only considers candidates based on their work … Continue reading “The Secretary” – Appearance Discrimination

“The Outing” – First Amendment/Defamation

After Sharon, an NYU journalism student, "outs" Jerry by saying that he and George are a couple, the bickering long time companions desperately try to demonstrate otherwise. Once the article is published, could Jerry sue the newspaper and the writer for defamation? To begin with, truth is the ultimate defense against a claim of defamation. … Continue reading “The Outing” – First Amendment/Defamation

“The Abstinence” – Communication With a Person Represented by Counsel

After Kramer opens up a smoker’s lounge in his apartment, he believes he has a face-case against the tobacco company for failing to warn him that smoking could cause him to lose his allure, his twinkle, and turn his face into an old catcher's mitt. But, despite being represented by the splendid, magnificent attorney Jackie … Continue reading “The Abstinence” – Communication With a Person Represented by Counsel