Can You Take a Book Into the Bathroom?

After George is caught taking a book into the bookstore Brentano's bathroom, the store makes George buy it. Does Brentano's bookstore have the right to force George to purchase the book just because he took it into the bathroom? The morality of reading in the bathroom notwithstanding, especially a book you haven't actually yet … Continue reading Can You Take a Book Into the Bathroom?

“The Fire” – Free Speech

When George smells smoke coming from the kitchen during the birthday party for his girlfriend Robin's son, he starts screaming "Fire!" and runs out of the building. Pushing everyone in sight, and stepping on Robin's mother's arm notwithstanding, could George get in trouble for screaming "fire!" in a crowded area? Shouting fire in a … Continue reading “The Fire” – Free Speech

“The Implant” – Double Dipping

When George dips his chip a second time at the wake to memorialize his girlfriend Betsy's aunt, Betsy's brother Timmy accuses him of double dipping his chip. What's so bad about double dipping anyway? Could double dipping be illegal? We're just lawyers here, so it's not up to us to adjudicate social norms. Even … Continue reading “The Implant” – Double Dipping

“The Race” – Contracts (Bonus content!)

Yesterday, one of our writers argued that Duncan would only need to cover airfare if Lois brought a claim against him under a theory of Promissory Estoppel. In this bonus content, the other writer will take the opposite approach. The principle of Promissory Estoppel dictates that the court will use equitable principles where there are … Continue reading “The Race” – Contracts (Bonus content!)

“The Soup Nazi” – Copyrighting a Recipe

After a bunch of street-thugs walk-away with Elaine's recently purchased armoire, Kramer gifts Elaine a new one he was given by Yev Kassem, aka the Soup-Nazi. Unbeknownst to our favorite chef, he has left his entire list of soup-recipes in one of the drawers. Elaine, who has recently been banned from the store, decides to … Continue reading “The Soup Nazi” – Copyrighting a Recipe