“The Postponement” – Clergy/Penitent Privilege

After Rabbi Glickman uses his big mouth to blab all over town that Elaine is filled with jealously and resentment of George for entering the holiest of unions, Elaine is mortified that their personal conversation was made public. Was the conversation between Elaine and the Rabbi protected by the clergy-penitent privilege? Can the Rabbi reveal … Continue reading “The Postponement” – Clergy/Penitent Privilege

“The Good Samaritan” – Adultery

In part 2 of our posts on “The Good Samaritan,” we ask whether George was guilty of adultery when he slept with Robin after he practiced the timeless art of seduction with his alluring: “God bless you.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlL_krkAd9s After George and Robin actually sleep together, George turns to Robin and cries “what's wrong? I'll tell … Continue reading “The Good Samaritan” – Adultery