“The Good Samaritan” – Assault

After Kramer has a seizure during an episode of Entertainment Tonight, Elaine figures out that it’s the sound of Mary Hart’s voice that’s causing Kramer to have an epileptic fit. Can Kramer sue Entertainment Tonight or Mary Hart for causing his seizures?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gytrxCAFB9A While Seinfeld presents this scenario rather humorlessly, it is actually based … Continue reading “The Good Samaritan” – Assault

“The Seven” – Arbitration Agreements

After a dispute between Kramer and Elaine regarding whether Elaine must compensate Kramer with her bicycle for him fixing her sore neck, the two agree to have Newman arbitrate their disagreement. Is Newman’s decision binding? Can Elaine appeal the decision? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsbgwNe4Rv4 Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) where the parties agree to … Continue reading “The Seven” – Arbitration Agreements

“The Package” – Write Offs

After Kramer concocts an insurance scam to get the United States Postal Service to pay for Jerry’s new stereo, he claims that the $400 payment on the insurance claim is just a “write-off” for the independent federal agency. Is it actually a write-off? Does anyone even know what a write-off is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEL65gywwHQ Let’s start with … Continue reading “The Package” – Write Offs

“The Yada Yada” – Hate Speech

After Jerry makes a joke about dentists to Father Curtis, Jerry is accused of being an anti-dentite. Is it illegal to be an anti-dentite? Could Jerry’s joke be considered criminal? https://youtu.be/tnupnWcufsE?t=1m42s While hating a group of people or saying hate speech is not illegal, even about dentists, there are two doctrines outlined by the Supreme … Continue reading “The Yada Yada” – Hate Speech

“The Butter Shave” – Disability Discrimination

In a job interview with PlayNow, company boss Mr. Thomassoulo mistakenly believes that George’s limp from the injury he sustained in “The Summer of a George” is actually a permanent disability. Must PlayNow provide George with proper accommodations because he is “differently advantaged?” If George were to be denied the position, could he sue PlayNow … Continue reading “The Butter Shave” – Disability Discrimination

“The Pick” – Mailing Pornography

After sending out Christmas cards to her friends, family, and colleagues, Elaine discovers that her nipple is exposed in the picture on the front of the card. Has Elaine violated Federal Criminal Law or New York Criminal Law by sending pornography through the mail? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OmF_HluN9g Both New York and Federal Law prohibits the mailing of obscene … Continue reading “The Pick” – Mailing Pornography

“The Puffy Shirt” – Oral Contracts

After being unable to hear Kramer’s low talking girlfriend Leslie, Jerry inadvertently agrees to wear a “puffy shirt” on The Today Show that was designed by her. Does Jerry’s verbal and physical affirmations create a binding oral contract to wear the shirt? New York courts will enforce an oral contract as long as the basic … Continue reading “The Puffy Shirt” – Oral Contracts