Are ZIP Codes Actually Meaningless?

While flirting with his "birthday wish" girlfriend, Newman jokes that the secret of ZIP codes is that they are actually meaningless. Is this true? What are ZIP codes, and why do we have them? Why do we need them? And why do they make them so small? The first postal codes were developed during … Continue reading Are ZIP Codes Actually Meaningless?

“The Glasses” – Negligence and Res Ipsa Loquitor

After Kramer gets Jerry the Commando 8 air conditioner, he just "installs" it into Jerry's window without sealing the appliance in place. Later, the air conditioner falls out of the window and hits a dog on the sidewalk below. Does Kramer have any legal liability for the injuries that happened to the dog? reading “The Glasses” – Negligence and Res Ipsa Loquitor

“The Maestro” – Picking a Jury

After Kramer presents his case against Java World to Jackie Chiles, Jackie tells him that if he gets "even one coffee drinker" on that case then Kramer is going to be a rich man. Could Java World actually prevent coffee drinkers from serving on the jury? The 7th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees a … Continue reading “The Maestro” – Picking a Jury

“The Betrayal” – Registered Mail IS Certified

While trying to impress his new girlfriend, Newman makes an outlandish statement: "You see, certified mail is always registered, but registered mail is not necessarily certified." Is Newman just blustering his way through a date with a woman of beauty and brains, or is there something to his claim? Registered mail is an add-on … Continue reading “The Betrayal” – Registered Mail IS Certified

“The Soul Mate” – Recording Conversations

When Wyck clears his throat before referring to Susan's death as her "unfortunate accident," George takes that to mean that Wyck was implying that he killed Susan. In order to discover if the board is talking about him behind his back, George takes a page from Jerry Lewis' playbook and "accidentally" leaves a briefcase with … Continue reading “The Soul Mate” – Recording Conversations

“The Sniffing Accountant” – The Mailbox Rule

After Jerry and Kramer notice that Barry Prophet, their accountant, was sniffing uncontrollably, they begin to suspect that he is a drug addict. Believing that he is "hip to the whole scene," they decide to end their relationship with him and entrust postal employee Newman to deliver the termination letter to the USPS sidewalk postal … Continue reading “The Sniffing Accountant” – The Mailbox Rule