“The Checks” – What is a Religion?

After George tells Kramer that the carpet cleaners he hired will clean his entire apartment for only $25, Kramer tells him that the cleaning company, The Sunshine Carpet Cleaners, are a crazy religious cult that use their cleaning services as a front to get into people's apartment and brainwash them. Legally speaking, is The Sunshine … Continue reading “The Checks” – What is a Religion?

“The Bris” – Circumcision

At the Bris of a newborn boy, Kramer tries to dissuade Stan and Myra from ritually circumcising their little guy according to the Jewish tradition. If Kramer really wanted to it, could he petition a court to stop the mohel from performing the circumcision? Could ritual circumcision be made illegal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDABzGe94GU Non-therapeutic circumcision of male … Continue reading “The Bris” – Circumcision

“The Gymnast” – Garbage Law

After George spots an eclair in the garbage bin at Mrs. Enright's home (his girlfriend, Lindsay's, mother), he reaches into the trash can to enjoy the baked delight. Bum status notwithstanding, was George within his legal rights to take the eclair out of the trash? Who actually owns the garbage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOCGwm-hmd8 Trash is considered abandoned … Continue reading “The Gymnast” – Garbage Law