“The Outing” – First Amendment/Defamation

After Sharon, an NYU journalism student, "outs" Jerry by saying that he and George are a couple, the bickering long time companions desperately try to demonstrate otherwise. Once the article is published, could Jerry sue the newspaper and the writer for defamation? To begin with, truth is the ultimate defense against a claim of defamation. … Continue reading “The Outing” – First Amendment/Defamation

“The Diplomat’s Club” – Removed From a Plane

After Jerry’s agent has a dispute with an airplane pilot after a comedy show, Jerry is removed from the flight. Can an airline remove a passenger for simply being annoying to the pilot? When a person purchases a plane ticket, the passenger and airline enter into an agreement called the “contract of carriage.” In the … Continue reading “The Diplomat’s Club” – Removed From a Plane